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"I want to tell stories that inspire all of us to strive for more; to reach for the stars.  In particular, I'm drawn to the journeys of people wanting to live meaningful, purposeful lives and all the challenges they face in doing so."

-- Erica Messer when asked, "What kind of stories do you live to tell?" 


Triage (ABC - Pilot)

Executive Produced, Showrun by Erica Messer

Medical drama that follows a trauma surgeon's career, relationships, and the evolution of medicine at the same hospital over three decades.


Criminal Minds on CBS

Criminal Minds (CBS)

Executive Produced, Showrun & Written by Erica Messe

15 Seasons on CBS (2005 - 2020)  


An elite squad of FBI profilers analyzes the country's most-twisted criminal minds, anticipating the perpetrators' next moves before they can strike again. Each member of the "mind hunter" team brings his or her expertise to pinpoint predators' motivations and identify emotional triggers to stop them. The core group includes an official profiler who is highly skilled at getting into the minds of criminals, a quirky genius, the former media liaison who manages to adeptly balance family life and the job, and a computer wizard. 

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS)

Created, Executive Produced, Showrun & Written by Erica Messer & Erica Messer Productions

2 Seasons on CBS (2015 - 2017)

Award-winning actor Gary Sinise stars in this "Criminal Minds" spinoff, in which members of the specialized International Division of the FBI solve crimes and rescues Americans who find themselves in danger while abroad. Seasoned FBI veteran Unit Chief Jack Garrett (Sinise) leads the team, which includes Matthew Simmons (Daniel Henney), a military hero with lighting-fast profiling skills, and Russ "Monty" Montgomery (Tyler James Williams), a brilliant tech analyst who handles communications with the families of those who are in trouble.

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders on CBS


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The Biggest Little Farm 

Executive Produced by Erica Messer & Erica Messer Productions

Directed by John Chester

The Biggest Little Farm details the inspiring life of John and Molly Chester and their extraordinary experiences as they leave Los Angeles to pursue their dream to cultivate an organic, biodynamic farm in Moorpark, CA. 

Critics' Choice Documentary Awards (7 nominations, included Documentary Feature)

Berlin Film Festival (Screening)

Sundance Film Festival (Spotlight Selection; Runner Up, Festival Favorite Award)

New Orleans Film Festival (Screening)

Miami Film Festival (Nominee, Knight Documentary Achievement Award)
Heartland Film (Truly Moving Picture Award)

Annapolis Film Festival (Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary)

Gasparilla Film Festival (Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Documentary)

Palm Springs International Film Festival (Audience Award for Best Documentary)

Sedona Film Festival (Best of the Fest, Director's Choice Award for Best Documentary)

Boulder Film Festival (Grand Jury Prize for Feature Documentary Best Documentary)

Doc NYC (Opening Night Film Selection)

American Film Festival (Audience Award for Best Feature)

Mill Valley Film Festival (Silver, Audience Award for Valley of the Docs Presentation)

Denver Int. Film Festival (Nominee, Maysles Brothers Award)

Hamptons Int. Film Festival (Audience Award for Best Documentary)

Toronto International Film Festival (Second Runner Up, People's Choice Award)

Telluride Film Festival (World Premiere)


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Best Kept Secret (ABC & ABC Studios)

Created & Written by Erica Messer

Executive Produced by Erica Messer Productions

A one-hour suspenseful drama about a mother, her college-graduate daughter and the secrets they're keeping from each other. 


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Nightingale (ABC & ABC Studios)

Created & Written by Corey Evett & Matt Partney

Executive Produced by Erica Messer Productions

A one-hour, multi-generational family drama set in the high-stakes world of medicine, as experienced by the ever-capable, ever-impressive hands of the nursing staff.  


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Ellie Putnnam (ABC Studios)

Created & Written by Cary Bickley

Executive Produced by Erica Messer Productions

A one-hour drama, Ellie Putnam tells the story of Ellie, a well-regarded psychiatrist who's struggling to rebuild her life in the shadow of her own nervous breakdown.  As if juggling a messy divorce, a cantankerous father, two adolescent sons and the betrayal of her best friend isn’t enough, Ellie’s unexpected success identifying criminal behavior is about to make her life, professionally and romantically, much more complicated.


Paradise Falls (ABC & ABC Studios)

Created & Written by Erica Messer

Executive Produced by Erica Messer Productions

Paradise Falls is a one-hour drama about the journey of a multi-generational family faced with the news that one of them is a carrier of a fatal genetic disease.  Under the unflagging direction of an unflappable mother, the family learns to face their challenges with grace, resilience and humor.



ABC Gives Second Cycle Pilot Order to Triage Medical Drama from Erica Messer, David Cornue and Jon M. Chu  

         Deadline, February 27, 2020 

"Biggest Little Farm" on Oscars 2020 Short List: Documentaries

         Deadline, December 17, 2019

         Marie Claire, October 7, 2019