Deborah Cincotta heads up Erica Messer Productions, overseeing all aspects

of TV and Film development. 

Cincotta, born and raised in Massachusetts, was unaware of the potential and

importance of Hollywood in her life.  She graduated from Harvard College with

a honors degree in Social Anthropology & Government and a plan to attend

law school before pursuing her dream to become the President of the National

Organization for Women.  An impromptu spring trip to sunny Los Angeles

changed all that.  

Her entertainment career began at NBC in the Movies & Mini-Series Department, which she left to serve as Director

of TV Development at Laurence Mark Productions (Walt Disney Studios) and, subsequently, as Vice President of TV &

Cable Development, developing and setting up movies for cable channels (Showtime, ABC Family Channel). A few years later, she moved to Keyser-Lippman Productions (Sony-Columbia) to focus her interest in drama series. During 

her time as Vice-President of TV & Film Development, Cincotta oversaw the hiring of the writing staff for FOX's "Party

of Five" and its spinoff, "Time of Your Life," assisted in the pilot development of an original police drama series for

CBS ("Partners"), assisted in both the pilot and series development of "Time of Your Life" (at FOX), served as Associate Producer on the 13-episode run of "Time of Your Life" and developed original feature material for the company.

Cincotta left the entertainment industry to serve as the primary caregiver for her two young children.  During her fourteen year hiatus from Hollywood, she created, founded and ran an internet startup called Totefish (a customizable, e-commerce search engine for shoppers), wrote several drafts of a novel, served on multiple school and charitable committees and, in an attempt to address her fear of public speaking, enrolled as a student of The Second City's Conservatory Improv program. 

Throughout the years, Cincotta remained close friends with Messer, who she'd met working at Keyser-Lippman Productions.  Having read hundreds of writers, Cincotta knew that Messer had what it took to be a great success, encouraged her to write her first script, which she then sent to agents at UTA. The rest is history. As Messer signed her new development deal, she reached out and asked Cincotta to head up the endeavor.  Cincotta jumped at the opportunity. With her children finishing up their elementary schooling, she was ready to be return to work in Hollywood.  


Cincotta lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children.  


February, 2019