Jayne Archer began working with Erica Messer at Criminal Minds in 2013.  


Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Archer is a graduate of the University of

Nevada, Reno with a BS in Business and Marketing.  Before making her way

to Los Angeles, Archer worked in the international nonprofit sector and lived in

India, Dominican Republic, Quebec and beyond.  While her time abroad

gave her invaluable perspective and global insight, she is most excited about

pursuing her truest passion: telling stories that uplift and inspire.


In 2017, she published her first book, entitled "Warm Heart Neon Soul" (which you can buy on Amazon).  Her second book is due out, late 2019. 


Archer has been a certified breath-work and yoga instructor for the past fifteen years and has a love for all things color, wonder and wellness.  Her favorite place to write and gain inspiration is among the redwood trees in Northern California. 

February, 2019

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